Headlight Restoration Kit

Well how do you make the right choice?

Today with the modern styles employed in car manufacturing we have so many styles and shapes to choose from. Modern looking shapes are made possible in part because of plastic and what can be done with plastic molds!

headlight cleaner

This, of course, includes the headlight assembly for these modern styled vehicles which are made out of plastic. Over time and not much time at that, these lenses will turn cloudy yellow and Ugly! We see this problem on vehicles as new as 2 years old!

The first question you may ask is, Why? And the second, What can I do about it?

The first answer is the lenses are very sensitive to UV damage. In fact ALL vehicle manufacturers use a UV protective Clear Coat on your painted surfaces of your vehicle! Why is this?

Because if they didn't your paint would do the same thing these lenses do!

This was one of the problems of old "single stage" paints used on vehicles as little as 20 years ago and back. These coatings had a very short " life."

To illustrate one of the draw backs to "single stage" paints like lacquers you could literally come back 25 years after the car has been painted and wipe the paint off with a lacquer soaked rag!

In fact don't try wiping your lenses with any solvent, like lacquer thinner or similar chemical! However, lacquer thinner will not harm your Clear Coat on your car. That's because they are activated products which requiring mixing with a catalyst to make them harden. This formulation makes the UV protection possible.

The manufacturers could include a UV protective coating on the lenses but they are satisfied with the life of the lenses and do not want to add to the production cost of these lenses!

So we are stuck with finding our own solution for headlight restoration. In fact this is how our Headlight Restoration Kit was born! My car dealers which we serviced were constantly asking me if I could do anything with these yellowed and cloudy lenses.

Since we run a long term service for the dealers we had to find a lasting solution for headlight lens restoration. And since there is SO MUCH competition in my field we needed it to produce the very best results possible. We experimented and found a solution that's works extremely well and works 100% of the time on every lens and on every make or model that suffers from this common problem.

This led to the creation of our famous headlight restoration kit!

Headlight Restoration Kit


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